Flash Fiction Challenge | The 26 Word Story

Here’s the challenge: Write a 26 word story, using the words in alphabetical order. Here’s my example:

Can you write a story using 26 words in alphabetical order?Arthur Bellows came down effortlessly, falling.
Hit innocently?
Laughter maniacal.
Now others peered quizzically ’round Sir Thomas.
“Unfortunate,” eXplained Vicar Wilson. “Yahweh’s Zephyr.”

If you have a blog, leave a link in the comments. If you don’t, just leave the story as a comment so we can enjoy your work.

I’ll be awarding three copies of T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land and Other Poems at random to participants who get their submissions in before May 31st.


10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge | The 26 Word Story

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  2. Reblogged this on Part Time Novel and commented:
    I’d like to take my Friday post to promote an interesting short story challenge on my friend Josh’s blog. Even if you have not written anything, give it a try. It should not take a lot of time.
    Also, I will try to put my entry in next week and will be sure to post it. Hurry, the contest ends on May 31st!

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  4. Always bitter, Clide darkly envied for great house ideas, just killer, like Mom “needed”. Oppulant, pretty, quality realty so that ulteriorly Victor would eXact yardage zealously.

    Thanks Josh, that was fun. I can’t take much poetry so I don’t need a book, but it was a good challenge. It got hard at the end!

  5. Absolutely beautiful. Chuck didn’t even feel greatly humbled. “Idiotic, justified kindness, loveliness, magnificent, noble,” opined Peter Quesinberry.. Realistically, stuffed under violent wooden xylophone yodeling zebra.

    There’s my attempt Josh. Kind of fun to attempt this.Thanks for the challenge. Don’t really want to win the book either, though :-). Just thought it would be fun to attempt.

    • Thanks for the submission Steve. I’m glad you had fun with it. I’ll do something like this once a month or so. Next time, I’ll do a different prize. Though, I’m guessing you have all the books and music a man could need. Then again, can you ever have too many books?

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