This is a post from my coworker, Louis McBride, featuring an article on publishing from 1959 written by the founder of Baker Book House, Herman Baker. I think it is a wonderful post.

The Baker Deep End Blog

One of the absolute delights about working in the store is seeing Rich Baker almost daily (Rich is the Chairman of the Board for Baker). I learned early on that no matter what subject I was talking about Rich has a story to go with it. When he takes his daily walk through the story (something he affectionately calls his MBWA “management by walking around”) he stops and connects with each of us. And if you need help–he’ll be the first to jump in (just ask him how often we’ve put him on parking lot duty). I’ll give you one example. A few years ago I came in on a Saturday to work a book table. I was packing the van and had to drive over to Calvin College. Rich asked what I was doing and when I told him he said, “I know where that is. How ’bout I help…

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