The 26 Word Story | Elementary Edition

A little while ago, I had a contest asking people to submit a 26-word story, each word of which progress alphabetically. Refer here to see my example.

When my sister-in-law, a teacher in North Carolina, saw the prompt, she decided to show it to her classroom. After posting my story on the board, she gave the students a few minutes to look it over before asking them what made it unique. After a few guesses, the kids discovered the secret and were tasked with creating a story of their own using the same restrictions.

Posted below are a couple of the stories that my sister-in-law got back. I was deeply impressed with their efforts, as it is quite difficult to come up with sentences (that make sense) out of the X, Y and Z.

Story 1 (courtesy of Marisol, age 9) – At baker’s cape, Dilan eats fifty gushy hotdogs. Italian juice killed Luis. Monkeys never out push. Quin ran steady traveling. Unicorns view white x-rays yelling Zebra

Story 2 (courtesy of Gabe, age 10) – Anthony bellowed carelessly down. Evil falcon gulped him inside. Jelly killed limping monkeys. Numb opened possums quivered. Reptiles stared terrified. Unusually, very worried xylophones yelped, zoomed.

On a related note, stay tuned this week for the next wordplay contest.

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