I am about to turn 30. | My Birthday List

I’m turning 30 in just over a month.

In my head, I stopped aging at 23. Maybe that’s because I was married just days after 23. Maybe marriage was the mark of being a grown-up, so I just don’t feel substantially different with each passing birthday.

Sure, I have kids now, but I don’t really feel older than when I got married. The fact that I have kids just means that I am a virile 23-year-old.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I’ll be 30 next month.

Medically speaking, this is a mixed bag. According to a CNN report, people have the greatest cognitive abilities between 30 and 40. But also, our major organs start to break down at 30.

Anyway, aging is better than the alternative. Plus, there are usually presents.

So for those of you who would like to give me something, here’s my list:



Lego Sets (Any of these would be fine)

Gift Cards


  • Humorous T-shirts (Size L usually)


That’s a pretty good list. I may add to it if I see something else that looks good. Mostly, this list is for people like close family members, but if you want to buy something for me, that’s cool too. Maybe you could have it delivered to my work and I’ll get it there (that way I don’t reveal my actual address on the interweb). Ship any gifts to Josh Mosey c/o Baker Book House, 2768 E Paris Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546. Unless it is a mean or deadly gift. Don’t bother to mail those to me.

Hey, only five more years until I can run for President, right?


6 thoughts on “I am about to turn 30. | My Birthday List

  1. Wow. You’re so old. ; )

    I turn 40 in a little over a month (which day is your birthday?). So I’m facing more than major organ shut-down, I guess. Things like eye crinkles and people calling me “ma’am” a lot. Also, a lot of friends who refuse to wear bikinis anymore.

    Thirty is a great age! I guess I say this from the wisdom of a decade on, but enjoy! I was gorgeous and youthful at 30. Now, at almost 40, I am trying to tell myself I will feel the same way about my 40-year-old self at 50. ; )

  2. Yes. I remember 30. I enjoyed 30, actually–but now that I know my major organs began shutting down back then, I’m not so excited. 😉 Kids make me feel older and younger, depending on their moods. Enjoy your big day.

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