I’ve written things about self-publishing before and thought this was an excellent post on the subject by my co-worker, Louis McBride. If you are a self-published author or are considering the self-publishing avenue, please read this.

The Baker Deep End Blog

During my time at the 2012 International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) I experienced something I had not experienced before. While on the show floor I was approached by several self-published authors who wanted me to take a copy of their book. Since my name badge had “buyer” prominently displayed this made me a primary target. One distributor told me some of them approached his booth wanting to know if they could get their book distributed through them. He was not interested—it simply was not the time or place. Some authors were content just to give me their book, others wanted to provide a brief explanation and others offered (unsolicited) a complete history of their story. The last time I attended ICRS was in 2002 and this was virtually absent then. My manager and assistant manager who accompanied me this year, and who attended last year’s show, said they had not seen…

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