A Call to Artists | Can You Draw a Squirrel?

I have written like 50 flash fictions stories that revolve around a squirrel and his invisible roommate. I’ve passed them out to friends and critics and have received positive feedback. But one thing nags at me.

I feel like the stories need some sparse illustrations. Just simple black and white pen drawings.

More like this.

Less like this.

I’ve heard that the stories don’t need illustrations, that they are strong enough to stand on their own merit. But I like the idea of random pictures.

If you have any skill with drawing, please contact me here. If you know someone who can draw, have them send me a drawing of a squirrel. That’s all I need.

Why would you do this? Because I have a product that is ready for pitching but for this one last detail. And unfortunately I can’t draw worth a toot.

7 thoughts on “A Call to Artists | Can You Draw a Squirrel?

  1. What kind of time frame do you have, Mosey? Caleb’s teacher this fall can draw anything, and I mean anything. But I won’t be seeing him for at least another month and I don’t know if he would do it or not. You’d like John. He would have fit right in with you, and Eric, and Dan.

    • The stories have been waiting for pictures for a couple years now. I can wait another couple months. I was hoping to have a quick something for show and tell with a meeting I have coming up next month, but it isn’t necessary. I’d love to chat with him. Could you forward this post to his attention?

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