Back to School | Or Not.

Well, today is the day that my first official assignment is due for the Coursera class in which I am enrolled. But I’m not going to hand anything in.

Over the weekend, I finished the reading, did research on the author and illustrator, and formed the workings of the essay that I was to hand in today. The reason that I am not going to hand anything in is because I have decided to discontinue the class.

The premise is interesting, the videos were educational, and I enjoy the professor’s approach to the materials. But even though this is a free course, there is a cost that no one tells you. The cost for me is time with my family and that cost is too high.

My wife was encouraging when I enrolled in the course, and understanding when I discussed stopping. You see, quality time together is the way that she best feels love and she already encourages me through writing time everyday. To ask for more time apart so that I could take the online class while she is trying to take care of our newest daughter (2 weeks and some days old now) and corral our almost 2-year-old didn’t feel to me like I was being the best husband I could.

So I am dropping out of a free course. I’m hoping that when things settle down into a routine with our littlest one, maybe my wife and I could enroll in a class together. But for now, this is the best decision.

If any of you had accepted my call to do the class with me, I am sorry to bow out on you. I would love to hear from you how the class goes and what you are learning, so be sure to leave me a comment or write a post and I’ll re-blog it here.

And just so it isn’t wasted, I’m going to post my homework tomorrow (after the due date lest anyone decide to hand in my paper as their own).


9 thoughts on “Back to School | Or Not.

  1. Josh, I really admire and appreciate your decision. You & DeAnne have such a wonderful marriage that is a great picture of Christ’s love. She is happy to support you in taking the class, even encouraging you to do so, but you are willing to set it aside for now for the benefit of your family. The blessings of a marriage in which both partners are willing to live unselfishly!

    • Thanks for the comment Shanna. I think being a husband means being willing to give up the things you like for the person you love. I’m glad that you and Bob share that view and that you give a good name to marriage, both for your family and for the world to see.

    • The birth of our oldest daughter happened while my wife was in the middle of two classes for her Accounting degree. She aced the classes. One more reason why my wife is more impressive than me. I have no idea how she does it.

  2. What a great example of loving your wife as Christ loves the church that you are giving to your wife and daughters. They are blessed to have you as their father.

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  4. I’m very curious to know how you enjoy (or do not enjoy) working in Coursera, Josh. We just filmed about 80 hours’ worth of courses for the Penn class load (mostly in Poetry), but it’s certainly an interesting development in distance learning. I’m wondering if Coursera will be able to find its niche, to be honest, given the ubiquity (and skill) of projects like Khan Academy.

    Good luck!

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