Bookstore Appreciation

Baker Book House under construction.

Today, the bookstore where I work is having a customer appreciation day. The book business is always a bit slower in the summer months, and around Baker Book House, construction hasn’t helped much. But we still have customers who come in nearly everyday, and we are very appreciative for them.

For anyone in driving distance, it’ll be a good day to stop in. The deals are listed below, plus we have a book signing with Peter Schriemer and coffee and frappe samples from Icons Coffee (the coffee shop that will take up residency when the remodel is finished).

I’m fairly certain that most of my readers here are book lovers. And being a book lover, you probably have a favorite bookstore. I know from personal experience what bookstores love about their patrons, but what makes your favorite bookstore your favorite bookstore? What makes you appreciate them?

Also, what would make you feel most appreciated by them?

2 thoughts on “Bookstore Appreciation

  1. My favorite bookstore is Lowry’s Books in Three Rivers MI my hometown. Piles of used books in disorganized chaos. They have a program for every $100 you spend you get a $10 voucher. Pretty cool. It’s selection of used titles is priced modestly and the selection is second to none.

    What makes me feel the most appreciated? hmm. That they know who I am, most of the workers anyway, even though I live an hour or so away. Maybe that might speak more for my book buying habits…or addictions…

  2. Half Priced Books! I don’t know about where you live but it’s all over here. I’ve yet to go searching for a bookstore that’s not a chain. I suppose, when I do find that small business bookstore, I’d feel appreciated simply if the workers talked to me, knew my name, recommended books for me. Once I have a car I will go small bookstore hunting and become a regular customer at one (or more) of them!

    And thanks for following! I got your name from Bob Evenhouse’s post haha.

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