100 Word Challenge | Legacy

The only child of only children, Augustus Reginald Tucker was raised to be a form of artwork as complex and inspiring as any of his parents’ other works. Augustus had foreign tutors, family vacations to museums around the world, and a freedom to experiment that made kids jealous and parents sick.

The ambition of his parents, famous for their painting and sculpting, was that Augustus’ fame as an artist would eclipse them both. That he would be the legacy that would cement their places in art history.

But Augustus had an ambition of his own.

Augustus Reginald Tucker aspired to mediocrity.


5 responses to “100 Word Challenge | Legacy

  1. Lol. After all the deep thinking in this week’s round, a blessed release.
    But there’s thinking hidden away in it. That’s cheating! Are you even allowed to do that?!

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