Happy Birthday from Me! | For Everyone Else

Today is my 30th birthday. And instead of expecting a gift from each of you, I’ve decided to give you a gift.

Some people may know that before I was a blogger, before I would even have considered myself a fiction writer, I was a song writer.

One of my songs may still be played on the local radio station in Dillon, Montana. It was a song called “Carny Girl”.

And for my birthday, I have decided to give this song to you. The lyrics are written below.

Carny Girl by Josh Mosey


she’s my carny girl, queen of my world,

works the tilt-o-whirl, my carny girl.

she’s my carny girl

she’s my carny girl


she looks like a princess, but only from a distance

that’s why I try to keep her out of sight.

the smell of her hair is like my underwear

after eating pork and beans all night.


her teeth, I’m glad she’s got em’, two on top and one on bottom,

it’s hard to use the straw at Dairy Queen.

to kiss her feels real weird, and I really love her beard,

but to look at her real close just turns me green.


to look into her eyes, it’s not a big surprise

that only one is looking back at me.

my girl she’s got the gout, but I love to take her out,

and leave her…

Check it out here.

If you work for a radio station, feel free to play it. It is a gift. I only ask that you refer people back to me, Josh Mosey, as this may well be the thing for which I will become famous. And I could use the publicity to sell my books. Just saying.


9 responses to “Happy Birthday from Me! | For Everyone Else

  1. Happy birthday! Thanks for sharing. My daughter worked at an amusement park for the last 3 summers, and her siblings love teasing her about being a carnie. This will give them plenty of laughs.

  2. Hey Josh! So sorry we missed your 30th birthday, but it was great to show off your song to my relatives in Ottawa! đŸ™‚ Hope you had a great day!
    Bruce and Debbie
    P.S. Bruce says that if you want a “southern friendly” version of the song, you could change Dairy Queen to Tasty-Freeze.

  3. Josh, Happy 30th birthday! I was out of town on our shared birthday (!), but I hope you had an excellent day. I think both of our lives will only get better from here!

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