Flash Fiction Challenge | 50 Words, 1 Character

Do you recognize these characters?
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I was just thinking that it has been a while since I’ve offered a contest on the blog. This contest is inspired by Bob Evenhouse’s recent post, “What Makes a Good Story Good?

In his post, Bob asks what the most important element is in determining the value of a story. I posit that it is the characters that make me either love or hate a book. There are many books that I love the plot or the author’s voice, but first I must love the characters. Not that all characters are loveable, perhaps I will love to hate them. Anyway, I must feel something strongly toward them.

So what is the challenge?

Simple. You have fifty words to flesh out a character that you think would make a book lover love your book.

Not writing a book? That’s fine. Use the fifty words to create a character that you would want to read about.

You can post your fifty words in the comments – 0r – post a link to your own blog where your entry can be found.

The deadline is August 31, 2012.

There is no prize but the feeling of a job well done and possibly the praise of your peers.

26 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge | 50 Words, 1 Character

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  2. Did you mean something like this?

    He hadn’t wanted to love anymore. He was a killer, after all, the best. That meant distance, discipline. Professionalism.
    Yet, there she was: young, innocent, scared. In need of someone. In need of him. He couldn’t turn her away…even if she did want him to teach her how to kill.

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  4. OK here you are:
    He prowls with shoulders rolled backward, craning his neck forward, revealing wild brown eyes. His chest is puffed out and his nostrils flared like a bull ready to charge. His handshake would leave fingers numb for hours and combined with his piercing venomous stare, caused the bravest man to wilt.

  5. Here’s my entry:

    Her scathing words mirrored the contempt that spewed from her violet eyes; eyes that darkened like the blight on her heart— etched with the depth of hatred she now harbored for the man that cowered before her. The man she had once loved passionately, with the all-consuming naïveté of youth.

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  8. Hey, Josh! I don’t know if you know that I’m four chapters into a Christian romance novel! Lol! I LOVE this blog! Anyways, here’s my attempt at your challenge, taken from my book, but (extremely) edited! I must heartily agree with everyone’s posts from above; it’s extremely challenging to do this in 50 words! Thanks, this was fun and probably a great exercise in restraint! Perhaps I didn’t need all of the words I was forced to delete… even though I did spend hours and hours (and hours!) laboring to get them just right in the first place! Blessings!

    He’d reignited her smoldering anger. “You’re right. I don’t know him. Your lies made certain!” Her anger gained momentum, but her voice was steely, “I will meet my father. My real father.” She placed emphasis on that, hoping to wound, yet the pain on his face was unsatisfying. “His name…?”

    • Monica, I had no idea that you were writing! I’m really glad that you are. Thanks for the kind words about the blog.

      I find that limiting my words does force me to cut out what isn’t really needed. But I agree, it is really hard to do!

      • You’re right! I had highlighted an excerpt from one of my chapters and cut and paste into into a new document to work with it. I was amazed that I had chosen 264 words!! So… I guess I’m not good at estimation?! Haha!!

        Someday we’ll have to get together so I can see your gorgeous wife, kiss those cute little babies of yours (annndddd maybe pick your brain about the beginner’s steps for publishing! Lol)…

        Hope your day is blessed!!

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  10. An elderly, devout priest but not tied to an individual temple. Uses his considerable healing ability generously for all. He travels extensively, seeming almost eager to move on to a new location as he searches for… something. Seemingly unflappable regardless of circumstances. Wise and loving, but very firm with truth.

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