Well, it finally happened…

I am officially a person who gets paid for writing. Well, more so for reading. But after I read a book, I’ll need to write about it. But on to the details!

You are looking at the blog of the newest book reviewer for the Dove Foundation. Though I am not an employee of the foundation, I am an independent contractor with them. Unfamiliar with the Dove Foundation?

Their mission is:

To encourage and promote the creation, production, distribution and consumption of wholesome family entertainment.

You may recognize their label if you’ve ever rented or purchased a movie. They got their start by evaluating the content of movies based on specific criteria to determine if something was family friendly or not. Since they started doing this, many families won’t attend, buy, or rent a movie without the Dove seal of approval.

Movie studios took note of what Dove was doing and many started consulting them before movies were even made. You see, films that appeal to a broader audience (like families with young children) tend to gross better profits than those with a restricted audience.

That said, the Dove Foundation is now getting into reviewing books based on the same criteria.

I got the call just over a week ago from the new editor for Dove’s book reviews.

“Do you read YA Fiction?” she asked me.

“Of course I do,” I said.

“Would you be interested in reviewing YA Fiction books for the Dove Foundation?” she asked.

“Of course I would,” I said.

“Oh,” she said. “You would get a byline and a check for each book you read.”

“Neat,” I said.

One official training session at the Dove HQ later, and I am official.

Whenever I finish the review, I’ll be linking to the site where you can find it. My first book review is going to be for the book, Summer of the Wolves, by Lisa Williams Kline.

Now, I hope you will join me in a shout of joy for the fact that I am one step closer to realizing my dreams of publication. Today, the Dove Foundation book reviews website. Tomorrow the NY Times Bestseller List!


7 responses to “Well, it finally happened…

  1. Congrats on a step in the right direction. And I for one am pleased, as my daughter continues to grow older (4 years old now) I bet I’ll be looking for reviews on decent books very soon. I don’t think I’ll be able to approve her books by just reading them in 30 seconds for much longer!

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