100 Word Challenge | Returning to the routine…

Lynne Furkin hated her packing job in the hotdog factory. But unemployment was worse. At least there were free hotdogs.

Everyday, it was the same thing: scan, load, push the button, off to storage.

To make her job bearable, Lynne decorated her station: Lego figurines. She wasn’t supposed to, but she did. Somehow, their little smiles made her smile.

That is, until the day one fell into a package. She saw it as her finger left the button. Then it was gone.

Returning to the routine, Lynne finished her day.

Two weeks later, she bit into a Lego figurine; with the settlement, Lynne quit.

11 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge | Returning to the routine…

  1. I would say, ouch, but she seems better off. 🙂

    I love simply crafted stories like this that still make me see her station so well in my mind, that I wondered how she could get away with decorating it that way without being seen.

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