Bob and I attended the Keynote address at the Breathe Writers’ Conference last week. I’ll be posting on the speech tomorrow. Enjoy!


I have a wonderful friend Andrew Rogers. He was able to get me and my mutually freeloading friend Josh into the Breathe Writer’s conference last Friday night. I cannot thank him enough.

It was my first writer’s conference, ever. Though I only attended a fraction of the conference it was a clear palm-to-the-forehead experience. Meaning, it was such an uplifting and encouraging occasion I felt like a moron for not attending before.

The key address was by W. Terry Whalin. It was titled Never, Never, Never Give Up – which, I believe, was coined by Churchill. He talked about various authors who faced mountains of rejection letters. And, though one author was rejected over one hundred and forty times, they eventually figured out a way to get published.

It was an invigorating speech filled with hope and a message of perseverance. When he was finished Mr. Whalin asked for young…

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