The New, Improved Baker Book House

It is finally here. After many long months, phase 1 of the construction at Baker Book House is complete. We have occupancy of the new sales floor and our bookstore actually looks like a bookstore from the road. Here is a video collection of the changes at Baker Book House. You can tell when things really got busy because there is a large gap in the time between videos.

If you are in the West Michigan area, please stop by and check it out for yourself!

These videos make it seem like this was a speedy process. It wasn’t. And really, it isn’t over yet. We’ve still got phase 2 of the construction to get through before it is all said and done. And that is the part that I’m really looking forward to (since that is when my new office will be built!).

Anyway, this is a beautiful new building and we’ll be making the most of it. This was built with the mindset that we are here to serve our community. So if you are in our community, please come in so we can serve you!

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