I need to stop talking about my childhood as though I remember it, because my mom reads my blog and remembers things better than I do.

So, last week I posted a thing on Black Friday about the Christmas when I didn’t give any gifts to my family. It was a great post but for the fact that apparently, it wasn’t 100% true. I said that my family would not remember what anyone else gave each other, but they would all remember that I gave them nothing.

Well, I checked my email a few hours after posting the story to find a message from my mom. See below:

Good morning Josh,

As usual, I read your blog this morning and I wanted to comment, but decided not to put it on your blog.

The footstool that I made wasn’t nearly as fancy as this, but it serves the same function. Also, according to Wikipedia, the man in this image is none other than William George Beers, noted Canadian dentist, patriot, and the “father of modern lacrosse”.

First of all, the gift you made for your dad was a console for his van.  You made a cardboard model.  Yes, I do remember being a little disappointed that you didn’t finish your gifts by Christmas, but again, yes, I don’t think it surprised anyone of us.  Going ahead a few months, I don’t know if your brother ever got his game, I think you did end up making a full size plywood console for your dad that he replaced with a bought model make of plastic.  I, on the other hand received a wonderful cushioned footstool with beautifully stained and sanded legs.  It didn’t have the lift top compartment that the model did, but I loved it.  Correction, still love it, it’s sitting beside me and I’ll probably set this computer on it when I’m done checking my email.  By the way, I still have my footstool model, it was made out of balsa wood and it had a lift off top that held a little wooden book and a carved pencil.  It’s sitting on the bookshelves beside the fireplace.  I loved getting it that Christmas and I still love it!!!

Your dad made me an end table and surprisingly, I still have that.  It’s in my living room.  I don’t recall what he made both of you, but I think they were made out of wood.

Bob made each of us something computer related, of course. I thank he made you and your dad some computer games.  He gave me lessons on how to build my own webpage.

I painted all of you sweatshirts.  To be honest, I don’t recall what I painted on yours and your brother’s shirts, but your dad’s was a pretty elaborate tall ship scene.

I thought that Christmas was good and I’d do it again.  Your girls are probably too young to do it this year.  🙂

So there it is. My mom remembers things much better than I do. I love you Mom!

Maybe in the future, I should preface stories with “This may or may not have actually happened. Ask my mom.”

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