Our Lego Christmas Tradition

My wife did not grow up playing with Lego sets. Her mom probably never knew the excruciating pain that is stepping on a Lego brick. And so, when we started dating, my wife did not understand my fascination with Lego.

But I won her over.

It took some time, of course. Things that are worthwhile often do.

DSC00951It started with the cake topper at our wedding and my wife’s love of not-spending-money-that-doesn’t-need-to-be-spent. After pricing out our cake options and judging between the many lackluster cake toppers available, I offered to build the cake topper myself, out of Lego bricks and Lego mini-figures.

It turned out pretty well.

DSC00941The next Lego-related memory happened less than a week later when God put a little Lego set in our honeymoon path (I think we got it at IHOP, but I don’t remember ordering from the kids’ menu that time). It was a helicopter. We named it Copty.

A couple of years went by and other than me asking for Lego sets for my birthdays, my wife didn’t have much to do with Lego. But being that I love her so much, I wanted to share my Lego joy with her, so I got her a set for Christmas. My thought was to have her build it by herself and that would be our ornament for the year. We had been doing the new-ornament-every-year thing since we got married, so it seemed like a good idea for that year.

DSC00942Well, instead of building it alone, my wife insisted that we do it together, taking turns between each step of the instructions. It took five or ten minutes, but in that short time, a new tradition was born. Every year since, we specifically go out and buy a Lego set to be our ornament for the year. We’ve had some good luck with the Creator series (each set of which can make one of at least three different things).

Personally, I can’t believe that Lego hasn’t come out with specific ornament sets. They have a few different Advent sets out in the market, and I know they do some special Christmas mini-sets, but no ornaments yet.

So Lego, if you are reading my blog, feel free to take my idea and run with it. All I ask in return is an unlimited supply of Lego sets and bricks for me and my family for at least four generations. Not much.

DSC00944When possible, we try to match the Lego set to something that happened that year. Last year, my wife and I tackled our first large-scale home improvement project (insulating the attic). Our ornament was a construction set.

DSC00943The year before, we brought home our oldest daughter from the hospital, so we got a train. You know, train up a child in the way they should go…

DSC00940This year’s ornament is an airplane. Maybe to honor the fact that my wife and I officially have our careers off the ground, now that she is finished with school and employed full-time as an accountant. Or maybe because the choices were limited at the store and the plane was pretty cool. One of those, definitely.

What Christmas traditions does your family have?

5 thoughts on “Our Lego Christmas Tradition

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