I am Working on Christmas Eve – or – How Men Shop

It is Christmas Eve and I work retail.

I’ve worked retail for a while now. Currently, I work at a bookstore (which is like working in Heaven to a book lover) and it is a good time. But before the bookstore, I worked in the mall.

Working in the mall on Christmas eve is funny. It is funny because the demographic of shoppers changes dramatically from every other shopping day of the year. This is the day that men venture into the mall without a female chaperone. They come in like they just stumbled out of the mountains.

trophyhusbandThere are two types of guy shoppers on this day: desperate and determined.

The desperate shoppers are blank slates. They come in with maybe a vague idea of what their gift recipients might want. These customers are fun for retail workers because they can be convinced to buy just about anything. They make the retailer’s job easy.

The determined shopper is a dedicated man with a list in hand. He knows exactly what he wants, most likely because he was given explicit instructions on what he should (and should not) buy. These customers are fun because they take almost no time to help. They also make the retailer’s job easy.

What does this say about how retailers like men as shoppers vs. how they like women as shoppers? It doesn’t really say anything, because retailers love the lady shoppers as well, since for the rest of the year, most of their shoppers are female.

Is this a sexist assessment? Not from what I’ve observed from my days in the mall.

Anyway, if you are out shopping today, good luck. I hope you find the help you need and that no one takes advantage of you for putting gift buying off until the last minute. Merry Christmas!

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