An Open Letter to Our Northern Allies


On this Boxing Day, my thoughts turn to Canada. And with those thoughts come other thoughts, like:

What is with the Maple Leaf?

Seriously, does it need to be on everything?

I was sitting in Tim Horton’s recently (A.K.A. Canadian soil) and I noticed that the ads for my Grooveshark page sported the ol’ Maple Leaf. Now, I’ve noticed in the past that when I connect to the internet at Tim Horton’s, all the sites I visit have a specifically Canadian flare to them, and that is fine. Tim Horton’s can get internet from whoever they want to. It’s free to me, so I could care less, but I’ve drifted.

Why must products that are not specifically Canadian have a maple leaf stuck on?

I first noticed this when traveling through Canada on my way to upstate New York. I think it was the McDonald’s that used the maple leaf in place of the apostrophe. And then I started seeing it everywhere.

My theory at the time was that the Canadian identity was so weak that they needed to be constantly reminded that they were Canadians. Why was their national identity weak? I postulated that since the Canadians bought their freedom from Great Britain, while Americans fought for our independence, they never formed a strong internal pride in their country, so they needed external reminders to supplement.

I hadn’t thought about this for a long time. But just recently while listening to some music on Grooveshark, I saw an ad for Netflix. It was just like every other Netflix ad that I have ever seen, except it had a maple leaf. Why?


Does the Canadian Netflix only have Canadian movies? I mean, I like Strange Brew as much as the next guy, but there’s a whole world of movies out there!

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Canada. Some of my best friends are Canadian. I don’t mind that they drink milk out of bags. And I think Hockey is pretty cool. But this maple leaf thing is beyond me.

Your Neighbor to the South,
Josh Mosey

P.S. Please don’t be offended, not that you could be, being Canadian and all.

3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Our Northern Allies

  1. Aha Netflix is an American company, so the ads are technically made in the USA. Tim Hortons is also owned by Wendy’s making it American.. So who knows. And I promise that Canadian Netflix has all sorts of American films (and Bollywood and from any/everywhere else that is licensed through Netflix to distribute in Canada).
    We have a fair amount of national pride, we just don’t display it as much as the American flag 😛

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