Flash Fiction Challenge | Led By Curiosity


In yesterday’s post, I gave some reasons on why writers should try their hand at flash fiction. Today, I’ll be giving everyone a chance.

It doesn’t matter if you claim to be a writer or not, if you are curious about flash fiction, please take a few minutes and write up a 100 word story. It’ll be good for your brain.

The prompt for this flash fiction challenge is “led by curiosity.”

The rules are simple. Write a piece of flash fiction that includes the phrase “led by curiosity”. Aim for 100 words or less. Post your entry, or a link to your entry if you have your own blog, in the comments below. There’s no end date on this challenge.

If you do have your own blog, be sure to link back to this post so your readers can read the other submissions as well. Feel free to use the image above as a link if you know how to do that.

That’s it. Have fun. I can’t wait to see your submissions!

I’ll post my own pretty soon.

6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge | Led By Curiosity

  1. Dog runs full speed at back fence led by curiosity & the hot scent of baby bunny. Bunny one slides thru the slots. Bunny two misses and bounces off the slats. Stunned it sits for microseconds. Dog is stunned at his luck but cannot move. Bunny wakes to danger and Bee-lines again for escape. Pup awakes. Bunny barely escapes. Dog thinks “don’t worry bunny my fresh lettuce will entice you again & I’m a pup with 9 notches on my belt”. Another backyard adventure ends.

  2. I look at the small pile of unfinished notes on the lamp stand to my right and sip my instant coffee, sweetened with Splenda and a generic non-dairy creamer, while I try to flush the last fifty five minutes from my mind. I take a deep breath and shake it off. Whether or not I did the right thing is irrelevant now. I’ve got a commitment to keep. I take all of the five minutes I have to clear my racing thoughts. As calm as I can, I go to the door and start the process again.

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