Happy Birthday Bunny!

deanne_profileI love my wife and today is her birthday. In honor of that fact, I would like to share with the world 28 things that I love about DeAnne Lynne Mosey.

I love:

  1. her taste in music.
  2. that she would rather see a horror movie than a chick flick.
  3. that she makes her own strawberry jam.
  4. that she takes care of our finances so I don’t have to worry about late payments, penalties, or services being cut off because I forgot to pay something.
  5. how encouraging she is.
  6. that she loves spending time together.
  7. that she enjoys museums.
  8. when she holds my hand.
  9. what an amazing mother she is to our girls.
  10. that she knows the correct way to pronounce “coupon” (it is coo-pon, not q-pon, btw).
  11. that she is a safe driver and would rather save gas than drive like a maniac.
  12. that she showers on a regular basis.
  13. her smile.
  14. that being emotionally close is as important to her as being physically close.
  15. her sense of humor.
  16. that she is a reader.
  17. that she has good taste in books.
  18. that she is quick to forgive me.
  19. how she respect me and builds me up in private and in public.
  20. that she is a Christian and encourages me in my devotions and prayer.
  21. how beautiful she is.
  22. that she would rather watch cartoons than soap operas.
  23. when she reads books out loud with me while we drive (but she doesn’t read while she is driving).
  24. that she tells me about her day. Even the stinky bits.
  25. that she puts up with my stinky bits.
  26. that she doesn’t waste time, money, or unnecessary effort on wearing makeup.
  27. that she is such a hard worker, putting 100% of herself into every task she does.
  28. that after 8 years of being together, she isn’t tired of me yet.

She really is the best wife in all of the world and I can’t wait to spend the weekend with her. We have fancy pants dinner plans tomorrow before heading to Miller Auditorium to see the live production of Les Mis. I’ll let you know how it goes.

And if you are friends with my wife, be sure that you send her a message today. If you are not friends with her yet, why not leave her a message in the comments! I’ll make sure that she sees them.

I love you Bunny Lynne!


One response to “Happy Birthday Bunny!

  1. Happy birthday, DeAnne! I hope you bat your eyes at Josh all day long and let him fetch you warm drinks and rub your feet. And then he can do the laundry. Wash the car. Change the baby’s diapers…

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