Video Fun with They Might Be Giants

TMBG_ABCAs I am sure that all of my readers are lovers of words, I have decided to share something amazing with you. The collection of videos below are from the band They Might Be Giants, from their kids project, Here Come the ABC’s.

When other parents are singing their kids nursery rhymes and the like, my beautiful wife, DeAnne, and I are singing these songs to our girls. Why? They are fun, educational, and perfect for lovers of the English language. Enjoy!

And I couldn’t resist adding this video in from their math-inspired album, Here Come the 123’s.

3 responses to “Video Fun with They Might Be Giants

  1. I’m like Erin… I’ve been a TMBG since 1990, too! Funny that Istanbul has been redone… I’ve always played that one for my kids, and my 12-year-old son is now learning about Constantine in Social Studies. I couldn’t resist singing it for him, and he goes, “Ohhhhhhh!” Thank you, They Might Be Giants–you even help with 6th grade Social Studies.

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