The Genius of Andy Riley

I work in a bookstore. You may already have known that. What you may not know is that the bookstore where I work is known worldwide for our selection of Used Books.

You see, Baker Book House started as a used book store back in 1939 when our founder, Herman Baker, started by selling books from his personal library. Having worked at Baker for eight years now, I have come to appreciate book and bookseller humor. So when I found the British show “Black Books” on Netflix a while back, I was beside myself with glee. Actually, I was beside my wife while she slept (like a sensible person) and giggling to myself about the embellished truisms of bookstore customers and employees.

Here’s a clip:

What I did not know until recently was that one of the main writers for the show was Andy Riley, creator of the Bunny Suicides books, which I also enjoy. And now that you have two new things that will be demanding your attention (finding more Black Books clips on YouTube or Netflix and reading up all the Andy Riley you can get), I won’t waste any more of your time.

Happy Friday everyone!


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