I am one-cheeking this post.

Here’s the deal. I’m taking today off to spend with my beautiful wife. We have a fun day planned with lunch out at the Hibachi place that we like and an hour soak at Oasis Hot Tubs. So I’m taking the day off from my blog as well.

To tide you over until tomorrow, here are some things you can check out:

– If you are into flash fiction, here’s a contest to enter.


If you are into fun web-comics, try My Cardboard Life.

If you are still sad that I am not posting my usual brilliance, just start re-reading my posts from the beginning.

my blog model

Come back tomorrow for something amazing! I don’t know what it is yet, but it has to beat today’s.

One thought on “I am one-cheeking this post.

  1. So, with one post you gave me a great hot tub idea, and AND confirmed I’ve got to check that Hibachi place out. Good has been done, life has been impacted, your work has been justified. Thank you!

    And thanks for the Jot conference – I didn’t take a moment to come meet you, because my head was still getting wrapped around all the good info. Ok, that and a little bit of “oh my garsh” shyness, but it was a great night!

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