100 Word Challenge | What does it taste like?

The initiation required a lack of parental supervision. In the moonlight, the boys could just make out the slow rise and fall of Scott’s dad’s chest, a much better indicator of sleep than his fake snoring.

By the light of the refrigerator, the boys made the concoction. Milk, cola, grape juice, and more. Never the same twice, all but one of the sleepover boys had drunk their own elixir.

“One more thing,” said Scott, walking over to his father’s liquor cabinet.

The new boy held the glass aloft before tilting it in.

“What does it taste like?” asked Scott.

“Like…” said the boy, “like acceptance.”


6 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge | What does it taste like?

  1. Hi Josh, I had all intentions of attending your last seminar but was unable to make it at the last minute…bummer! 😦

    My young daughter and I have written a children’s book based on a true story from her childhood. I am looking for a literary agent….any ideas? Blessings, Kim McClimans 🙂


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