Flash Fiction Challenge | Only Fifteen More

flash_fiction_challenge_250x250Here’s the thing: I’ve been busy writing flash fiction that I have no intention of publishing on my blog. That’s why I’ve been a bit lax on posting new challenges. Sorry about that.

The truth is that I love writing flash, and that blogging has had a lot to do with it. I’m so glad that I started this blog. It’s helped me learn more about the art and the challenge of writing short. And in honor of the fact that I am quite close to a blogging milestone, the prompt for this flash fiction challenge is “only fifteen more.”

It doesn’t matter if you claim to be a writer or not, if you are curious about flash fiction, please take a few minutes and write up a 100 word story. It’ll be good for your brain.

The rules are simple. Write a piece of flash fiction that includes the phrase “money can’t buy”. Aim for 100 words or less. Post your entry, or a link to your entry if you have your own blog, in the comments below. There’s no end date on this challenge.

If you do have your own blog, be sure to link back to this post so your readers can read the other submissions as well. Feel free to use the image above as a link if you know how to do that.

That’s it. Have fun. I can’t wait to see your submissions!


4 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge | Only Fifteen More

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  2. My days are spent going where I’m led and my nights with all the silent sounds. It’s grub, then cell, yard, cell, weights, grub, and cell in the light; only echoes in the dark. A hammer’s clicks, a last breath, the gavel’s ring. God, I’d never known guilt had a sound.

    Everything burns. Gunpowder, orders, records of orders, a life.

    Sir, yes sir. That’s what you’re supposed to say. They said you’re only guilty if you get caught. At least they didn’t lie. I just never thought this was what giving my life for my country meant.

    They gave me life for my life. Only fifteen more until all the ash blows away.

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