I am resurrecting Ivor.

I have decided to start donning my Russian alter-ego again, Ivor Klinkinov. If you remember, I first used a Russian accent to my advantage when I was a waiter at Big Boy. The tips were bigger, the customers more patient; it was beautiful. Thanks to comedian, Dan Soder, I just figured out why everyone was nicer to me.

They were scared!

It all makes sense now! Anyway, since I am not alone in my belief that using a fake Russian accent is a good life-hack, I am bringing back Ivor. Obviously, it will be useful in potential mugger-related situations, and I already know that it is good for customer service. But how else should I use my skills?

What are your suggestions? Maybe I’ll grab a video camera and test one out.

6 responses to “I am resurrecting Ivor.

  1. Try using him @ next fam gathering & have Deann intro you as a church friend. Or add him to you 100 word challenge w a “typical” Russian phrase (whatever that would be?)

  2. Too funny! Loved the video! I used to use a southern accent when I was a waitress for Big Boy’s! Must be a Big Boy thing! I think the Russian accent would have been a great one to use too!

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