I am thankful for understanding friends.

Until you’ve had children, you cannot hope to understand the amount of planning that goes into something as simple as joining friends for dinner. This past weekend, my family was invited over to my friend Bob Evenhouse’s home to share dinner and playtime for our kids.

lasagna-margherite-2Since they were hosting, my wife and I opted to bring dinner (homemade lasagna with store-bought garlic bread) and the Evenhouse clan made a delicious salad and dessert. Bob and his wife, Cindy, have two girls near the ages of our two girls, so we enjoy getting together and watching the chaos that is small children at play.

Dinner went wonderfully. Conversation went great. But then, when it was time to leave so we could all get our tots in bed, things went wonky. Now, you have to understand that we are working with our eldest, the two-year-old, on potty training. She is a pro when it comes to telling us that she has to go potty when we are out in public. For some reason, she really enjoys the sight of my wife or I kneeling in the most disgusting public restrooms available. At home, she is improving, but most of the time, we end up changing dirty diapers and pull-ups. At Bob and Cindy’s house, somewhere that was both home-like and foreign to her, our two-year-old went in her diaper, but then insisted that she go to the bathroom before we left. I mean, as we were getting our coats on to go home, that’s when she wanted to be changed.

In the background, our youngest, the cutest eight-month-old girl you’ve ever seen, is bawling her cute little head off since she has been placed in her car seat and made to wait even longer for her next feeding and chance to sleep in her crib. So DeAnne is in the bathroom with our oldest, our hosts are trying to entertain our youngest, and I am quickly packing the car with the various baby accessories and dinner equipment that we brought over.

Long story short, the exit could have gone better. But I am thankful for friends like the Evenhouses who have children of their own and understand that there are times when you cannot control the volume, smell, or appropriateness of your kids. Thanks Bob and Cindy for a great time together!

2 thoughts on “I am thankful for understanding friends.

  1. Will I offer you any hope when I tell you that it does get better? It really does. One day you’ll be driving along and realize it’s been months since anyone has pooped their pants on a long trip, thereby causing the car to reek and forcing you to stop someplace to change them.

    And you won’t miss it, no matter what the old people tell you.

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