I am a twisted dreamer.

Hitchhiker's_gestureI had a dream last week. In it, my wife and I picked up a hitchhiker. But rather than taking the hitchhiker as far as we were going and then leaving her somewhere where she might be able to hitch a ride further, we brought her to our house.

I don’t think my wife or I had kids in the dream, or if we did, they were somewhere else. All for the best though, since within a few minutes of getting into our house, I realized (in a fit of dream logic) that the hitchhiker was going to kill us.

How exactly we became her captives, I don’t remember. All I know is that my wife and I were at her mercy. When her phone rang and she turned her attention from us for a moment, I grabbed my wife’s hand and we ran out of the house.

Knowing that we had to get away far and fast, we ran toward the garage.

The garage door is open! I thought. We normally keep it closed, so I was pretty happy.

My keys are in my pocket! I thought, patting my pocket. Great!

We jumped into the car, knowing that we just beat death. But as I turn the key, I realize that our hitchhiker had rigged our car to explode. My wife and I die.

I didn’t see that coming! And it was my dream.

As I thought about this, I remembered an episode of RadioLab that I once heard that included a bit on Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island and other classics. Stevenson’s dreams were also not always predictable.

Anyway, it was a great episode of RadioLab, so I’m linking to it here.

Do you ever have unpredictable dreams?

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