Basement Editorial | The Parable, Valentine’s Edition, Part 2

Back in college, when I was living in the middle house of the campus ministry, His House, my roommate and I put out a newsletter called “The Parable”. In addition to actually useful information, it was a vehicle for our creativity. My roommate did the graphics and I supplied the humor. I ran across the Valentine’s edition as I was cleaning out the basement and thought I’d share. I’m sorry in advance.


Photo by Stefan Wernli
Photo by Stefan Wernli

Tree Game by Rupert Hickman

Here’s a fun game for road trips! Reach back into the depths of your memory. Root around back there, past the time you fell down the stairs, past the time you pooped your pants at a friend’s house, a little to the left of torturing your siblings, and gaze upon the “Childhood Games” section of your brain. Having a little trouble getting there in your mind? Let me refresh you: Slug Bug, The Alphabet Game, Looking for License Plates, Jeep, Tree, etc.

What’s that? You don’t remember Tree? Well, I guess I’m not surprised. It is relatively new. In fact, my friend and I ripped off the Jeep game and gave it a twist only a few short years ago. Jeep, if you remember, consists of counting every Jeep you see on the road and calling out before others can. The game of Tree follows the same format. Every time someone sees a tree, they yell out, “Tree!” Two people cannot yell for the same tree. The winner is the person who boasts the highest number of trees by the end of the trip.

This is a game everyone in the vehicle can play!

I know what you are thinking. You are saying to yourself, “Why this is such a good idea, I’ll steal it and tell others that it was my good idea, and maybe I’ll even sell the good idea to some important company, and then I’ll get rich off the good idea that I stole! Mwa Ha Ha Ha!”

Well, that is just a bad idea. Believe me, I’ve tried to sell it, but no one seems to understand just how good a game Tree is. Oh well, their loss. Happy Hunting!

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