One year down.

I started my blog on a whim one year ago. I was inspired by my friends, Bob and Andrew. I wanted to create a platform. I wanted to improve as a writer.

And so I started my blog (the first post is here).

That would make this map look even better.

How do I get readers in Greenland?

I expected that I might gather a few followers among my friends and family. I didn’t expect to find a blogging community that stretched across the globe.

I also didn’t expect that I would be able to stick with blogging. After all, I’m great at starting new projects, and horrible at finishing them.

And so I will say that my blogiversary is an unexpected success. Not that I consider myself to be a successful writer yet, but I do honestly consider myself a real writer now, a feeling that was rather elusive before my blog.

I owe the lion’s share of that feeling to my beautiful wife, DeAnne Mosey, for her encouragement, her understanding, and the sacrifice of our time together so I can chase down the dream of getting published. Thank you Bunny!

I also want to thank my fellow Weaklings, Bob and Andrew, for your support and encouragement. To Jessie Clemence, who is a wonderful commenter and an old friend. And to my extended family, who have given me so much material to blog about.

Also, to anyone reading this. Thank you for reading. I get a sick amount of pleasure from seeing that people are reading the words that I’ve placed into sentences.

And now for the real celebration: A Giveaway!

To Enter: Just leave comment below with a link to your favorite post from the last year.

The Prize: $25 Gift Card to Baker Book House.

Winners will be notified Friday, April 19th, 2013. Gift card can be used in person and over the phone (not online) and Baker can special order just about any book out there.

16 responses to “One year down.

  1. Happy anniversary, Josh. I really like the post about the Mantis Shrimp, and I was tempted to choose Thom and Tom, because THom is my husband’s name. But my favorite post is APril 15th, about rooming with a polymath BECAUSE I liked this quote a LOT: Probably the best thing that I learned from being roommates to a gifted thinker and tinker was that I can still be great, even if I am not the best. That is a really important thing to remember. It shows an open mindset as opposed to a closed one. Too many people are held back by perfectionism. Anyway, put my name in the hat! Best wishes for the coming year.

  2. Josh, the first post I read on your blog was about the newspaper delivery to the deceased woman. It horrified and entertained. So, I think that’s been my favorite post.

    Happy Blog Birthday!

  3. Two things. First, congratulations. I am extremely proud and excited for you. You have done an amazing job especially given the birth of our youngest this year. Secondly, I do not want my name in the hat, but I would say my favorite is from August 17th where you share Carnie Girl with the world. Readers, if you have not listened to it yet, you may find a link on the post “Happy Birthday from me, for everyone else”.

  4. My favorite blog was where you shared about your friendship w Erin & their family’s urgent needs after the fire. It was favorite not because it touched my heart – though it did & I am still praying for them- but because it showed *all* your faithful followers your TRUE COLORS. You have grown to be a mature man of character & compassion. I’m proud to call you family.

  5. While I have many favorites from the past year, and such as anything to do with Ice & Fire, and your wizard’s eyebrows, and your terrible date… my top choice will have to be a tad boring, yet practical.
    I am a firm believer that shoes only need to be tied when purchased and occasionally thereafter, so I’ve been using this method to see if they last longer between ties. The jury is still out.

  6. Josh I don’t remember when you wrote it but I loved the one about showing up at your youth pastors house “anytime.” As a new youth pastor I have made it a priority to not allow myself to do the same with my students. I know someday I will have a student will take it as literally as you did.

  7. When you asked for a favorite post, I’d have to first go with Jessie Clemence’s answer: The secrets! It’s wordsmith meets tabloid and just plain fun! But…as a mother, I laughed out loud at THIS POST: and it made me wonder how my boys are going to remember growing up in the Hillman Household.

    Thank you for sharing your words with all of us. And…PICK ME! PICK ME!

    • You realize that this might all be an elaborate ploy to get you back into the bookstore so I can exact my revenge, right? I mean, that time you yelled “Stop him! Book thief!” when my wife and I were walking out of Barnes & Noble that one time won’t go unavenged forever. Do you really want me to pick you?

      Also, I’m going to choose randomly, so if you do win, it will be because of the fickle finger of fate. Thanks for reading!

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