Stuck In My Head

Everyone, at one point or another, has had a song stuck in their head. Famous jingles, pop tunes, even nursery rhymes get stuck in there from time to time. In fact, there’s a chance that you are thinking about the last song you had stuck in your head now, and you are cursing me because you are afraid that if you remember what it was, it’ll get stuck again.

Fair enough. Let’s change the subject.

two_doorsI don’t just get songs stuck in my head. I get phrases, names, and this morning, I had a logic puzzle crammed in there. The logic puzzle was the one about the two guarded doors, where one of the guards tells only the truth and the other guard tells only lies. The point is to be able to choose the correct door by asking only two or three questions. The solution is tricky because if you ask either guard if his is the correct door, the liar will tell you it is, but so will the truth-teller. Likewise, if you ask one of the guards if the other door is the correct one, the liar will say that it isn’t, but so will the truth-teller. But if you ask Guard A what Guard B would say Guard A would say, you get a difference. So if Guard A is the liar and is standing in front of the correct door, he would say that Guard B would say that Guard A’s door is false. And if Guard B is the truth-teller and he is standing in front of the wrong door, he would tell you that Guard A would say that Guard B’s door is the true one. And so you would choose the door guarded by Guard A.

Clear enough?

Now back to songs. I’ve read that in order to get a song out your head, the best solution is by tackling some kind of puzzle. Crossword puzzles are supposedly quite good.

But what do you do when you have a puzzle stuck in your head? I have no idea. I guess I’ll go listen to some music.


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