Sick and tired.

kleenexI’ve been sick this week. And when I’m sick, I’m kind of a bear. Not like a cute little teddy bear. No. I’m a roaring grizzly who just wants to hibernate.

My wife, bless her heart, is also sick. In fact, she’s been sick for a week longer than I have. But where I am one to take days off, sleep, and try to recover, she just plugs away, never missing a beat.

And I don’t know quite what to do with that. Should I be working as hard as she is? After all, we are both sick. And what must she think of me when I take a day off of work and sleep the morning away?

I’m sure that she would be entitled to look down on me. She is the best there is, and such is her right. But she doesn’t do that. As the best, she is also kind enough to know that she handles illness better than me. She never reminds me that she was able to do something that I can’t. She doesn’t brag or rub my nose in my pile of dirty Kleenex brand tissues. She loves me where I am and as gross as I am, coughing and hacking right along with me.

Bunny Lynne, since I know that you read my blog, I just wanted to thank you publicly for what an amazing woman and wife you are. Thanks for bearing with me through my nasty cold. You are the best!

One response to “Sick and tired.

  1. Thank you. That was wonderfully sweet, but I must say, you give me far too much credit. That being said, I would prefer you not post about how I am not as patient as I should be when you are sick.
    I love you babe and am glad you’re starting to feel better.

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