I am a Level 24 Barbarian

I mentioned a long time ago that one of my guilty pleasures is playing Diablo II. I still haven’t played Diablo 3, as I don’t use much of my time for video games any more (there are too many books to read (and write)). And anyway, its been since before our youngest was born that either my wife or I have played Diablo II (and even longer since either of us has played it for more than a few minutes since our oldest was born almost three years ago).

But we got the urge to play the other night. After the girls went to bed, of course.


I introduced Diablo II to my wife in our first year of marriage. At the time, she enjoyed sitting next to me and watching me play. Finally, I goaded her into creating a character and playing a bit. Once we were both playing, there were a lot of nights where we played for extended periods of time, defeating evil and growing closer through shared activity and time spent together. After we had kids, things died down a bit.

In pulling up the character list, I realized one of the differences between my wife and I.


She is a one-character girl, whereas I am a many-character guy. My wife has been working on the same character for the past five years. She’s defeated Diablo in the Normal realms and the Nightmare realms. She’s currently fighting in Hell mode.


Her assassin, Erica, can destroy in ways that I can’t even fathom.  Here are her stats and inventory.


She’s a level 76 Assassin. Her armor is made up almost exclusively from limited set items (which are more powerful than normal armor) and she has found ways to overcome the lack of resistances that are inherent in Hell mode.

She is very impressive.

And then there’s me.

I’m a level 24 Barbarian named Boris. At least, that’s who I am when I choose to play as a Barbarian. I have yet to defeat Diablo with Boris so I’m stuck playing in the Normal realms.


I depend heavily on charms to protect me, since I don’t carry a shield (I prefer the Barbarian’s ability to wield two weapons at the same time).

And then there’s this guy. His name is Bruce.


I just started him the last time I played. He’s a level 6 Druid. I set up his character so that when he dies in the game, there is no bringing back his character. It’s a bit riskier, but I’ve been told that the rewards are better when you play that way.

When you add up the different characters that I’ve created and played as on this computer, I’m a level 98 conglomeration of destruction. But really, you can’t add those things up, and none of my characters can hold a broadsword to my wife’s assassin.

She just stick with things really well. And I’m thankful. Because it means that she isn’t going to abandon me anytime soon.

What does that say about me? Not much, I don’t think. Though I have a few different characters that I enjoy using in Diablo, I haven’t played in forever because my family needs more time than I can spare on things like video games. Family is just too important.

And you know what? The other night when the urge to play struck, we didn’t actually play. By the time the girls finally went to bed, the urge to play had passed, replaced by the urge to sleep. Perhaps someday I’ll get the chance to bring Boris up to level 76, but it won’t be for a while and it isn’t that important anyway.

I’m just glad to spend time with my family when I can (and writing takes up the rest).

One thought on “I am a Level 24 Barbarian

  1. Hahaha, ahhhh, old good times, it was 2003 i believe, I used to play Diablo 2, Heroes 3 and 4. Yet never found a woman smart enought to play with me these kind of games. That’s why now I have almost 24 years and alone and ready to play forever Diablo2 😀

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