Happy 7 Years 9 Months!

My wife and I were married on August 20, 2005. Our first date was February 20, 2004. The 20th is kind of a thing for us, I guess.

On the 20th of every month, we always try to beat the other person to saying “Happy However-Many-Years-And-Months”. My wife almost always wins because she is more observant and has a better memory than me. And yesterday was no exception. She bested me again.

And so, I would like to honor her winning streak by telling the world a few things that I love about my wife.

  1. She is good at math. This makes sense, because she is an accountant and that’s one of the requirements. But she also does a great job with managing our home’s finances and making sure that bills get paid on time.
  2. She likes the right books and dislikes the right music. I know that opposites attract, and I think that is true when it comes to personality types and abilities, but it is really nice when your interests and preferences line up. I’m so thankful that my wife likes young adult fiction and fantasy and dislikes country and rap music.
  3. She is an incredible mother to our girls. My wife gives sacrificially of her time and energy to take care of our girls. She always builds them up, reads with them, and plays with them regularly.
  4. She has the most wonderful smile in the world. Seriously, when she smiles, clouds scamper of with their rains between their legs.
  5. She encourages me to read the Bible daily. We’ve gone through the Bible once together and we’re well on our way through again.
  6. She always has a kind word for me and never tears me down. Insults and anger don’t have any place in our home. I’m so glad for her attitude!
  7. She is supportive of my writing. She regularly sacrifice time with me so I can pursue my dream of publication. She helps me bounce ideas and reads over my stuff to make sure that it makes sense.
  8. She doesn’t have expensive tastes. We are a frugal couple and we make do with what we have. I’m so thankful that I don’t need to worry about whether our electric bill will get paid because we spent too much on purses.
  9. She has a wonderful sense of humor. Once, she made me a Father’s Day card that featured a cute little bunny and said, “You are not the father.” I am the father, by the way. No doubts about it.
  10. She is quick to forgive. Whenever I do mess up, it isn’t long until apologies are accepted and we move on. And she never holds it over head or brings it up later.
  11. She is always looking for ways to fill my love-tank. Whether it is an email with a corny joke or a kiss or kind word, she’s always seeking out new ways to show me love.

I was only planning on doing 10 things that I love about my wife, but then an extra one snuck in there. Oh well.

Next month, I fully plan on beating her to saying “Happy 7 years, 10 months” on the 20th.

I love you Bunny Lynne!


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