I am a Raccoon’s Neighbor.

A raccoon moved in next door. My family lives next to an office building and the roof vents on that building have been damaged for some time. A couple of weeks ago, I was taking the dog out early in the morning when I looked over and saw a raccoon standing on the office building roof. It seemed that he was on his way to bed though, because he lumbered up the roof and disappeared into the roof through the damaged vent.

I told my wife about the incident at breakfast and my daughter overheard. She was enthralled by the idea that a raccoon lived next door. She kept going to our kitchen window, staring at the roof and saying, “I see the Raccoon? The raccoon will come out at six o’clock?” I’m not even sure that she knows what a raccoon looks like, being that they aren’t usually featured in the animal picture books (which place higher importance on animals one might find in a zoo like lions and zebras).

I don’t know what her deal with six o’clock is, by the way. It must be the time when things happen with animals, because it’s not the first time she’s mentioned it.

The next morning, around six in the morning, I woke up to the sound of scraping metal from outside the window nearest the office building. Sure enough, my daughter was right about the six o’clock, but wrong about the coming out. It was going back to bed for the day.

Weeks passed without seeing our new neighbor when my wife spotted him from the window as we were making our way to bed. I grabbed the camera to prove that I’m not crazy. Sorry about the poor quality image. Everything was kind of dark.


Now, I’m not sure what to do about my new neighbor. Should I tell the people in the office building so they can be charging it rent, or should I leave it to its own nocturnal devices?


4 thoughts on “I am a Raccoon’s Neighbor.

  1. My guess is that they will soon smell their little furry friend all on their own. But maybe you mentioning it early would save them from a raccoon falling through the ceiling onto the unsuspecting lap of a clerical worker. You might save someone from a heart attack!

  2. Definitely tell the neighbor. There may be one raccoon you see but if it’s a she this is the time of year they nest and have babies. INFESTATION!! Too many already. And they can do a lot – meaning a lot – of damage in an attic as they rip up insulation for the kits (I think that is what baby coons are called) to bed & stay warmly tucked away. If neighbor ignores, call animal pest control. By us they trap and replant into Forrest preserves. Make sure your garbage cans are inside or strapped down. Mommies nest nearest to food supplies being readily available. Do your neighbor an act of Christian kindness and save them the expense. PS – speak from experience in our town home. We thought it was in neighbors attic – clawed thru fire wall and had babies in ours. Have a funny story I’ll tell you one day about raccoons – but not now.

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