Are You Over the Hedge?


A few years ago, my pal Andrew Rogers let me borrow his copy of an Over the Hedge collection of comics. The series features a raccoon named RJ and his turtle pal, Verne. Also, they have a crazy squirrel friend, Hammy (voiced by Steve Carrell in the movie version).

At the time, my main writing project was an anthropomorphic flash series called “Thom & Tom” and Andrew thought I might be inspired. Thom was a squirrel and Tom was invisible. They were roommates. So, not that far from a raccoon and a turtle who are good friends.

After reading Over the Hedge, I was inspired to try my hand at writing comics for my series. My idea at the time was to use the comics as free content to get people interested in buying my Thom & Tom books. It is still an idea that I think has merit.

The problem then, as now, was my lack of drawing ability. I wrote up comics for 30 weeks of content (assuming that the comic was a weekly freebie), and now it sits gathering dust.

But back to Over the Hedge. Before reading the comic book, my only familiarity with this series was through the computer animated film by the same title. The film received generally good reviews, but I found that it paled against the humor and subtleties of the comic. I suppose that’s what happens when films are made for kids from content that was written for adults.

Do yourself a favor and check out Over the Hedge in its original form today!



One response to “Are You Over the Hedge?

  1. I also wish I could draw. Always have. My inability just makes me appreciate cartoonists and comic artists even more.
    Nice post. I still like that strip.

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