I am #38.

My employee number at work is 38. I don’t think that’s confidential information, but if it is, forget I told you. The number itself was randomly assigned from available numbers. It is used to track hours for payroll. That’s pretty much it.

So when my hands are full and I have to ask someone else to clock me in or out, they have to ask me what my employee number is. And I quip, “It’s 38, just like my waist size.”

It is a good response because it is awkward, and the awkwardness of that moment helps sear my number into the person’s mind, making it so they don’t have to ask me again when I need similar help in the future. You see, memories stick best when paired with an emotional reaction of some kind. And even better when there is a smell attached, but I usually try to limit myself from including any sort of smell I could conjure on the spot.

You’re welcome, everyone at work.

Odd_PantsBut the thing about saying “just like my waist size” is that it seems to be changing. The measurement on my pants has been 38/30 (wide and short) for as long as I can remember. Certainly as long as I’ve been married. Only now, my pants have started to slip, and my belt seems to be useless.

What triggered this weight loss? I like to credit “The Cold Method”, or simply put, having a cold. It was one of those colds that just wouldn’t leave. It started as a sore throat, moved into coughing fits and worse mucus-related things, and pretty much shut down the normal course of my life. The worst part was the sore throat though, because that made it difficult to swallow and eat. I found myself eating smaller portions and taking longer to eat them.

After I started recovering, I stepped on the scale and realized that through no intentional action of my own, I had dropped from 225 lbs to 212 lbs. I even got a few comments from coworkers asking if I was losing weight. I told them that I didn’t mean to, but couldn’t deny that I had.

And since I already had this head start, thanks to the ravages of that cold, I might as well try to drop a few more pounds. But I wanted to do it smart.

I just notice this post is already getting kind of long, so I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow.


2 responses to “I am #38.

  1. Are you selling bottles of purified cold germs? Be a big hit in the ever populated magic cures for losing weight without changing a thing! Luckily for you, though unintentional at first you did connect the true cause to behavior change. We have a good friend who has dropped over a hundred fifty pounds with a quote that says “if nothing changes than nothing changes “. Inspiring that – aye? Brilliant. And true.

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