The shift in my blog

Writers write.I started this blog to establish myself as a writer. That’s why the blog title is “Josh Mosey | Writer”. And early on, I wrote a lot about writing, about things that would help writers, about my writing ideas and projects. And then, somewhere along the line, I started writing about myself, my experiences as a person, and so on. And though I feel more like a writer than I’ve ever felt before, I talk less about writing than I’ve talked before.

Is that how being a writer is? Do you assume it into your identity in such a way that it no longer needs to be said? Is it like being cool?

To explain, cool people don’t tell you that they are cool. If a person tells you they are cool, they aren’t. Perhaps, if a person tells you that they are a writer, if they volunteer this knowledge without being asked, perhaps they aren’t ready to be one yet. Or anyway, they are just as unsure about their status as you are.

Maybe me writing this post negates my writerhood, because I am talking about my status as a writer. Or maybe not.

Maybe my status as a writer is dictated by the fact that I am writing. Maybe being a writer really is as simple as the saying, “Writers write.”

In any case, I don’t think that it is a bad thing necessarily that the focus of my blog has changed. Sure, it is a bit narcissistic to focus more on my own thoughts and stories. But those are the things that I know best. And so, I think I will keep writing about whatever pops into my head. I don’t need to have a theme, because I am the theme. And as long as I keep writing, I am a writer.

Also, early on, I think I knew more about writing than I do now that I’ve actually done it for a while.

Ah, experience. It’s funny how you teach us how little we know.

Anyway, thanks for reading, to those of you who read this blog of mine. Thanks for being part of my journey into writing. I hope I can write things that will keep you coming back, things that we both find interesting.

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