An Open Letter to the Person Who Left Me a Wrong Number Butt-Dial Voicemail Last Sunday


Let’s start with “Hello”, because when last we had contact, we were robbed of our chance to use this common pleasantry.


My name is Josh. I don’t know if we’ve met before, but thank you for reaching out to me this past Sunday. The message that you inadvertantly left on my voicemail was 2:59 minutes of wonder.

I say wonder because your message made me wonder a great many things.

  • Do we know each other?
  • How did you get my phone number?
  • Your message was very clear. Were you holding your phone when you left the message in question?
  • If you weren’t and it was in your pocket or purse, what model phone is it? Because it was incredibly clear for having been in your pocket or purse.
  • The message was left just after 4:00pm, but it sounded like you were eating. Was it lunch, supper, or some kind of family get-together that knows no such time-restricted meal-labels?
  • I heard you offering a child some food. What did the tyke end up eating?
  • Are there leftovers and can I have some?

I know so little about you. Just the few things that I could piece together from the context of our just-less-than-three-minute interaction. Even still, I can tell that I would like you in real life.

First, you seem like a good parent/caretaker/aunt/whatever. Not only did you offer food to the child as mentioned above.  At the beginning of the message, it sounded like you were concerned over that child using foul language. It is good to know that you are concerned about such things. Swearing only serves to give people an excuse to dismiss us.

Second, I think you said something about 25 computers. I don’t know what that was about, because you were speaking a little fast, but you clearly have an interest in technology. Technology is so important to succeeding in today’s fast-paced culture.

And last, you mentioned some kind of grand opening next month. And though I completely missed what store you were talking about, you are obviously a person who plans ahead. Not only that, but you are money-conscious as well. Those traits alone give you the edge up on the rest of society.

Now, I am faced with a quandary. I know so little about you. I have questions, as well as your phone number (though not your name, since that number was not saved in my address book). But I also think that I know you as a person and that you as a person are good-hearted, kind, and forward-thinking. Should I satisfy my curiosity and dial your number? Or should I simply let the voice-mail be what it is, satisfied with your image in my head?

Random butt-dialing, voice-mail-leaving, stranger, I think I’ll leave the next call up to you. So if you know who you are (and if you don’t, your number ends in 5346), feel free to give me a call. I think you’ll find that you already have my number in your phone.

3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Person Who Left Me a Wrong Number Butt-Dial Voicemail Last Sunday

  1. I think I will intentionally butt-dial you next week. I’ll dial your number and slip my phone into my pocket just as I’m about to get into a long discussion about something interesting like Klingon holidays, or the migration patterns of ridgeback dragons. Something blog worthy.

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