3 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Prompt | Aye Aye!

  1. The Incident – Toogli hung from tree high over head, hidden, looking down through the thick foliage. She had told him to run and not to look back. He was a good son, so he had listened and ran like the wind through the trees. His friends often said he was the fastest. No one could touch him when he was one with the trees. Branch to branch, his soul knew the woods like no other. His mother had taught him well. She would win the day. She would get away. The two legs would be disappointed this today.
    “Crack!” It rang out clear to his ear straight to his heart.
    He had turned back then to the place they had been just in time to see them dump the limp body of his mother inside the canvas bag and pull the drawstring tight. The End

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