100 Word Challenge | Brought to you by the letter “C”

“Careful,” chided Charles. “Criminals and curs camp close-by.”

“Chicken,” countered Cathy.

Captain Chadwick chuckled.

“Chaps,” called Chadwick, “Courage can cause cuts. Cowardice certifies calamity. Choose courage.”

“Captain!” called Carl. “Cannibals!”


“Canoes,” confirmed Carl.

“Curses,” called Chadwick. “Charles! Circulate cutlasses and clubs. Cathy, climb that cliff. Carl!”

“Captain?” consulted Carl.

“Carry my cap. Crawling covers it in crap.”

Captain Chadwick crouched. Chadwick’s company copied closely.

“Covert crawling for ten clicks, then charge,” the captain commanded.

Cannibals clamored from canoes, combing the crabgrass, closer and closer.

“Curs!” cried Cathy, cliffside, causing confusion.

“Charge!” called Captain Chadwick.

“Courage,” whispered Charles to himself.



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