The things people spend money on

frightening_dollSo, this is a thing that people can buy.

Some company made it and you can purchase it. And companies don’t typically make things unless they’re pretty sure that people will buy them. That means that there is a market for frightening monkey dolls dressed up like people.

There are two ways to view this phenomenon.

The first is to be disappointed by it. I mean, is this why people were put here on Earth? To make and purchase frightening monkey dolls? What does that say about humanity?

The second is to be encouraged by it. After all, someone paid an artist to design this thing. I’m sure that artist struggled with that decision since it meant selling part of their soul to make something so evil-looking, but nonetheless, they were paid for their labor.

As a writer, I know that someone reading my work may think that it is as awful as I think this creepy girl orangutan is. But I also have hopes that someone will pay me for it.

I can only hope that, if my books are pitted against creepy monkey dolls, that my books will win.

PS – I’m not going to put a link to the place where you can buy the monkey girl, because I don’t want to be at fault in any way for one of these ending up in your home.


One response to “The things people spend money on

  1. What’s even more amazing is that the purchase price (on one website, at least) is $150. One-and-a-half Benjamins, wow. They must really think they have something special here. Of course, I’d pay $150 to read this blog daily. No, that’s a lie. I’d pay $15 to read this blog daily. No, that’s a lie. I’d pay to read this blog daily. No, that’s still a lie. I’d read this blog daily, yes, that much is actually true. So, another lesson here is to recognize the value of your work to others, because in a way, your asking price dictates your audience.

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