Teenage Angst and Silliness at Music Festivals


So for the last couple of days, I’ve been working the Baker Book House booth at Unity Music Festival. And it reminds me all over again why I am glad that I’m not in high school any more.

Teenagers roam free across the grounds of the festival, though mostly in packs. Whether it is the pheromones that are figuratively dripping off the youth, or the obvious overtures on both male and female teenagers, it is pretty obvious to everyone else when the boys like a girl and when the girls like a boy. But I don’t remember it being obvious to me at that age.

Are teenagers simply oblivious to the reality of flirtations or am I especially acute at noticing these things now that I am no longer subject to such wanton behavior (from people to whom I am not married)?

“Why do boys keep hugging me?” asked a girl who did not run her wardrobe choice past her father that morning.

“…” said a young guy as a girl passed by. (He didn’t need to say anything, because his eyes were doing all the talking.)

And after seeing such silliness from the teens of today, I think I am beginning to like them a little more. Not because they are inherently likeable, because they are certainly not. But because I am far enough removed from being one of them to be able to see them for the overemotional train wrecks that they are while at the same knowing that I used to be that same way. I like them for who they will become and I am tempted to get involved with their lives in order to show them how to get somewhere worth being.

And so, teenagers, if you’d like to chat about life and what things may be like later, drop me a line. And teenage girls, run your outfit past your parents before stepping out of the house. And teenage boys, stop worrying about what teenage girls think about you. They are just as confused as you are, but things will get clearer with time.


One response to “Teenage Angst and Silliness at Music Festivals

  1. Thank you so much for your blog. I am a teenager and initially got hooked on your blog through your writing emphasis, but you have a handful of different types of posts. Thank you for bringing truth. Thank you for pointing us to art and beauty in the world around us.

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