Happy Birthday from the State of Michigan!

As a kid, you can’t wait until your birthday. There are presents, and parties, and cake.

1000px-Seal_of_Michigan.svgAs an adult, you get a big fat bill from the state for your vehicle registration. And if you are like me, you wait to renew until just before your birthday, even though it is probably easier to do it earlier and online. Oh well, I like handling the renewal in person so I can get my license tabs right then and there. Well, I like dealing with it in person MOST of the time.

Except when the Secretary of State office is busy, or when there are the screaming children and the type of parents that serve as cautionary tales for your own children of how bad things could actually be. And when the people in line ahead of you forgot to bring what they needed in order to process a simple change of address.

Now that I think of it, this seems to happen EVERY time I go into the Secretary of State office.

I should really just renew online next year. Of course, they always tack on some sort of convenience charge for doing it that way. For whom is that convenient?

Happy 31st birthday to me!

secretary of state

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