Squirrel Farmers

No, I’m not talking about raising squirrels for meat. I’m talking about the fact that the squirrels in my yard are growing corn in my flowerbed.


Not exactly knee-high by the 4th of July

When my wife first gave me my squirrel feeder, she joked that I was trying to get the squirrels to depend on the food I gave them instead of nature’s bounty, and that as soon as I stopped feeding them, they would die. But it turns out that the squirrels are more self-sufficient than either of us realized. They took the corn that I was feeding them and planted it, growing more for the rough days ahead so they would be taken care of in spite of me.

Teeny tiny corn cob

Teeny tiny corn cob

One response to “Squirrel Farmers

  1. Very industrious little critters. Maybe you could persuade them to throw an ear of corn your way every now and then.

    My backyard squirrels–they just take, take, take. But I guess I enable them. It’s a co-dependent relationship 🙂

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