Two Depressing Flash Stories Told by Children

My sister-in-law is an elementary teacher. This is only one of the awesome things about her. Another awesome thing is that she sometimes uses my flash fiction photo prompts as writing exercises for her students. And every now and again, she sends me the results. Here are two such stories, along with the pictures that inspired them.


Story 1

One day in a small village there was a man. Sometimes people stole in that town so it came to war. The only person who survived was the old man. So he decided to travel to somewhere new until he found a place called Oklahoma and it was beautiful. And he found a new home, too. He got a wife. He had two kids. They had so much fun until the old man’s wife died. The kids grew up and left the house. It was sad. The old man got older and older.


Story 2

One day I went to school. I looked in my locker. My stuff was gone! I was robbed! I ran down the hallway. “I see him” I said. Then he was gone! I lost my book bag, my books, and my popcorn maker. They were GONE!! The principal saw running and then he suspended me. I was lucky they didn’t find out. Then my mom was robbed. We were doomed. I found him and I called 911. They got him but they didn’t give me my stuff. Then they got away and forgot my stuff.

Thanks for writing, kids!

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