Play With Lego, Make Money

Okay, I’m skeptical of anything that has “Make Money” in the subject field, and you probably are too. In fact, the most skeptical people probably skipped this post all together, which means that now there’s more money for you and me. Here’s how.

Let’s play with Lego.

As a Lego fan, I was blown away by the discovery of

I’m trying really hard to not sound like a salesman here, but I’m kind of excited about this, so hold with me for a minute.

Yesterday, I talked about a Kickstarter campaign for author, Andrew Peterson. Lego Cuusoo is kind of like Kickstarter for Lego sets. Basically, if you have an idea for a set that you think Lego should produce commecially, you make it from your own collection of Lego pieces and put it up on Lego Cuusoo. If other people like it and think that Lego HQ should make the set too, they vote for it.


The DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future only exists as a set you can purchase because of Lego Cuusoo.

And people at Lego HQ take notice. In fact, there are sets available on the market now that are only there because they got voted into existence by the users of Lego Cuusoo. And best yet, if your design is picked for production, you get 1% of all the sales from that set.

That’s pretty darn cool!

So if you don’t see any new posts from me in a while, it’s because I am too busy playing with Lego in the hopes of becoming rich, rich, rich.



3 responses to “Play With Lego, Make Money

  1. Honestly, I am not sure if it’s the “rich, rich, rich” part, or the play with Lego part that has you more excited.

  2. Lol, that sounds quite cool actually. Mmm… lego.
    Like I said before, it’s so hard to find sets that are just pieces (so you can be creative with them) rather than ‘Princess Castle,’ ‘Animal Hospital’ and so on. I’ll have to search harder….

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