My Favorite Halloween Costume Ever

I was a sophomore in college, living at His House campus ministry at Western Michigan University.

The previous year, I had dressed up like my philosophy professor and attended his class dressed as him. This year, I needed something better.

Something Bigger.

Something Equally Cheap.

And so I went to the Dollar Store with absolutely no idea of what my costume should be. And then I saw them. inflatable dinosaur toys. I knew right then and there what I was going to be for Halloween. I would be “Jurassic Park”.

The whole park.

My roommate had some caution tape somewhere in our room, and between that and my dinosaurs, I would be all set. Well, almost all set.

After attaching the dinosaurs to my sweatshirt and sweatpants with clear tape and adding a healthy dose of caution tape, I knew that I was still lacking something essential. So I quickly crafted a paper that hung suspended between two pencils atop my winter hat that read “Welcome to Jurassic Park.”

In retrospect, the awesomeness of the costume was a bit wasted on the fact that college students are too old to trick-or-treat and Christian college students don’t get invited to the typical Halloween costume parties that happen on and off of campus. Oh well.

At least I still have my inflatable dinosaurs and memories to keep me warm on this cold October day.

What’s your favorite costume?



2 thoughts on “My Favorite Halloween Costume Ever

  1. My favorite costume is actually one Mark & I made together for the costume parade at his school many years ago. Two 3 ft dowel rods, white caulk & caulk gun, small plastic dog football, tracing of Bears logo & paint required, 6 feet x 3 feet of the cheapest artificial turf. A plastic cheap football mini toy glued to a beanie cap he had laying around. Did you guess yet? He went as soldier field (sandwich board style). Wish I had a picture to attach – it was superb.

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