I am a socialite.


My dance card has been full as of late. With time being a precious commodity around my household, this has been a strange phenomena.

Last weekend, we finally caught dinner with some friends from my work with whom we had been trying to see for a while. This past weekend, we had over a couple from our church. And we have plans to go see a movie (in the theater!) with another couple from our church. When did we get so popular?

It seems like just yesterday that our girls were screaming throughout the night, preventing sleep, and making anything outside of even the basic hygienic needs of life impossible. But now our kids are older and less demanding of our time. Diapers aren’t constantly needing to be changed. For the most part, we all eat the same thing at mealtime. In general, we have reached the stage of parenthood where we can breathe a little easier.

My wife and I have been here once before. At the time, our daughter was one-year-old. She was sleeping through the night consistently, learning words, and mastering the art of upward mobility. Things were great. It was about that time that we decided we missed the sleepless nights and social deprivation that once were so prevalent in our lives and we started trying to have another baby.

This time around, we are choosing differently. We are going to embrace the social life that has presented itself on our doorstep and treat it like a real member of our family. We are going to appreciate the people who seek out our time and attention and try to see past the all-consuming vortex that is toddlerhood. We are going to breathe.

Just breathe.


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